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To Volunteer   

- Sponsor an event . . .

What Kid's Helping Kid's (KHK) event or events most interest you?

Back to School Backpack Event
Holiday Event
Books to North Shore Children's Hospital Event
Kids Walking for Kids Walk-a-Thon
Fundraisers (bake-sales, grant research and grant writing, etc.)


- Volunteer your time for an event . . .

What is your level of commitment for volunteering?

Willing to become a Project Manager participating in volunteer coordination and planning - this will include much preparatory work prior to Events and working on Events from planning to completion; Heading an Event Committee; Or, taking responsibility of an Event.

Willing to become a member of the planning committee of a certain Event. Willing to transport supplies and help on the day of Events from start to finish.

Willing to participate for a couple of hours on the day of an Event

Once you decide - be sure to Contact us!


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