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Our History   

In 1997, Diane Christian was struck by the notion that so many children in our society are in 'need'. She noted that their needs are not always obvious and, as a consequence, are often overlooked. In a time when everyone is so involved in their own busy lives, it's easy to ignore the sometimes, indiscernible needs of children.
 Although most people feel sympathetic to children in 'need' they usually view them as someone else's child. Diane felt that we all have an obligation to provide for our community's children. Because of that responsibility, she established Someone Else's Child Foundation.
The initial concept for Someone Else's Child (SEC) was to provide support for children in 'need' through donations that were made in the name or in the memory of a child. 
The organization has evolved over the years to encompass the concept of children helping children. 

Today, Someone Else's Child is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that inspires and encourages children to become involved in their community by sponsoring events where children actively participate in helping other children.


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